Sasha Sykes

Carlow Chair, 2005

Sasha Sykes

NMIDF: 2008.10

Carlow Chair is designed by Sasha Sykes of Farm 21. Initially designed for Ecology, Mythology, Technology at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny (2007) and Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin (2008). Working primarily with acrylics, resins and organic materials this chair is influenced by the old Tuam Chair and a similar chair which Sykes’ mother purchased for her father. It is also influenced by the scale, approach and aesthetic of the home farm, forestry & landscape in rural Ireland. The chair is made from acrylic, mosses & lichen indigenous to her farm. It was made in 2005 & the laminated lichen pieces explore the cycle of life & decay, & the dichotomy of fragility & preservation.

Materials: Acrylic resin, organic materials

Year purchased: 2008

Location: Reconstructed Rooms: Four Centuries of Furnishings Gallery


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