Claire Curneen

Psyche, 2013

Claire Curneen



Although originally from Kerry, Curneen has called Wales her home for over two decades and is currently senior lecturer at the Centre for Ceramic Studies, Cardiff Metropolitan University. In 2012 she became the recipient of the Creative Wales Ambassador Award from the Arts Council of Wales, using the following title: ‘The Museum Object as a point of Reference’. Following this announcement Curneen made several research visits to the National Museum of Ireland at Collins Barracks where she had access to the 30,000 ceramic objects that are part of the Art and Industry Division (decorative arts, design and history department) of the National Museum.

Psyche consists of a hand built androgynous-looking torso whose upper area of face, neck, shoulders and chest encompass surface embellishment of spots of gilding interspersed with predominantly red butterflies accentuated by splashes of blue. This same gilding and blue highlighting continues on the hands’ fingertips. The influence of heavily ornate Japanese porcelain such as Imari ware is apparent.

Materials: ceramic

Year purchased: 2015

Location: Contemporary Collection of Design & Craft, selected works

Image courtesy of the artist
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