Isobel Egan

Circulus, 2016

Isobel Egan


Isobel Egan’s aim is to evoke the themes of space, stillness and containment through her sculpture. The work comprises 228 porcelain boxes. The eye is drawn deep within its centre regardless of viewing angle. In this piece Egan is inspired by the architecture of the Pantheon in Rome. In the artist’s own words: ‘Circulus is a circular porcelain form, whose complex internal structure gradually reveals itself. The geometric, gridded interior is composed from a sequence of boxes, whose own inner spaces are visible through multiple small apertures. With this work, the viewer is invited to look below the surface to glimpse intimate elements that might normally be hidden’.

Approx. 65cm in diameter

Location: Contemporary Collection of Design & Craft, selected works

Photographer: Rory Moore
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