Emmet Kane

Cone of Gold, 2008

Emmet Kane

DF: 2009.4

Cone of Gold by Emmet Kane was exhibited at SOFA Chicago in November 2008. It is turned on a lathe into a cone shape and a small bowl is turned in the top of the piece and then textured using a knife cutting burr on a power carver. Ebonising is an oxidisation process that involves a chemical reaction with the tannin in the oak . It has an oiled finish and polished and gilded with 23 carat gold leaf, the spiked peaks are then placed into the cone. Artist’s insignia is marked in silver EK.

Materials: Burr Oak, 23 carat gold leaf

Year purchased: 2009

Location: “Twenty Seven Years of the work of Irish Woodturner Emmet Kane” exhibition

© Fran Morrin
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