Ciaran McGill, Dolls Closed copy 2


Silver- dyed figured eucalyptus
25 x 25 x 20 cm
Photographer : Roland Paschoff

Cillian McGill - Cell Cabinet


Silver- dyed figured eucalyptus
25 x 25 x 20 cm
Photographer : Roland Paschoff


Ladies of the Revolution

inspired by the role of women in the War of Independence. Marquetry. 17 Wood veneers, full gloss PU lacquer finish
850mm x 450mm x 36mm


Behind the Smile

Marquetry. Wood veneers, full gloss PU lacquer finish
450mm x 320mm x 26mm


Walnut Box

Marquetry, cabinet making techniques Walnut, mother of pearl, brass
55mm x 155mm x 95mm


Ciaran McGill

Selected for PORTFOLIO: Critical Selection 2019-2020

Ciarán McGill is a furniture designer-maker who set up his business, The Veneerist, in 2015. He graduated with a distinction in Furniture Design and Manufacture from GMIT Letterfrack in 2012 and subsequently completed a Masters in Furniture Design at London Metropolitan University in 2013. 

Ciarán is particularly interested in marquetry, a technique he first encountered at Letterfrack, which involves the intricate cutting and assembling of wood veneer to create decorative panels for furniture.  

It is so versatile and has endless possibilities, I like the fact that it can make any piece unique and can be adapted to suit any interior…The aim with each piece is to use the traditional techniques but create a modern aesthetic. 

Once the design has been determined, the drawing is engineered into a file that can be read by laser technology such as AutoCAD. The veneer is selected and then the individual pieces are laser cut and assembled by hand. The final stages of the process involve pressing, sanding, flattening and smoothing until the desired finish is achieved. 

As well as creating his own pieces, he regularly works with designers and furniture makers creating cabinet doors, wall panels, table tops and corporate gifts. 

Ciarán’s workshop is located on his family’s farm at the foot of the Bluestack Mountains in Co. Donegal.

Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions and Fairs
Surface Matters, Dublin Castle; Artesania Catalunya CCAM, Barcelona, Spain and National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny

Contact Details:

Meenadoan, Fintown, Co. Donegal

T. +353 (0)86 0860675