Grainne Watts 2

Blaze series ( two from a group of five)

Porcelain, double- walled thrown vessels, decorated with velvet underglazes
12 x 10 cm each
Photographer, Rory Moore

Grainne Watts 1

'Ink Sky' Bindu vessel

stoneware clay and underglazes
54 x 28 cm
Photographer, Roland Paschhoff

Grainne Watts_Portfolio_2_PH Rory Moore

Red Bindu

Stonaeware clay, velvet undergalzes,52 x 30cm
Photographer, Rory Moore

Grainne Watts_Portfolio_3_PH Rory Moore

Red Bindu

Stonaeware clay, velvet undergalzes,52 x 30cm
Photographer, Rory Moore


Blue Bindu

Stonaeware clay, velvet undergalzes,52 x 30cm
Photographer, Rory Moore


Doubled walled vessel

Stonaeware clay, velvet undergalzes,22 x 28cm
Photographer, Rory Moore


Linear Series

Ming porcelain, green celadon glazes and acrylic, 120x105x105mm,
Photographer, Ania Stephen


Spinal Series

Ming porcelain, celadon glazes and acrylic, 260x150x10mm,
Photographer, Rory Moore


Blue 'Accretion' vessel

ming porcelain and stained porcelain slips, 17cm height x 13cm width


Black/ grey 'Accretion' vessel

ming porcelain and stained porcelain slips, 19cm height x 16cm width


Gráinne Watts

Selected for PORTFOLIO: Critical Selection 2019-2020

Gráinne Watts’ current work features a collection of thrown vessels and a series of sculptural forms in porcelain and stoneware. She is inspired by the natural world, the landscape around her and nature photography. Over the years, Watts has cultivated a visual and tactile vocabulary that feeds into the development of her ideas and reflects her deep interest in colour, texture, form and elements of humour.


My making process involves numerous steps. Initially, I do a series of drawings, exploring ideas with form and surface treatments. I then create small versions of the piece and these are then used to experiment with colour combinations and surface detail. I want my work to evoke an emotional and sensory response and pursue this in my choice of form, refinement of the surface quality and use of vibrant colour that stimulates the viewer.


Watts graduated from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 1982. She subsequently undertook an apprenticeship with Geoffrey Healy Pottery. She is currently based in Co. Wicklow.


Design and Crafts Council of Ireland Collection
Numerous private collections nationally and internationally

Selected Awards

RDS National Crafts Competition: California Gold Medal; Established Maker AwardCeramics Category Winner
RDS National Crafts Competition: Ceramics Category Winner; Ceramics Ireland AwardDesign & Crafts Council of Ireland Purchase Award
Purchase Award, RDS National Crafts Competition
Dublin Airport Authority commission, Allianz B2Arts Awards
Mill Cove Gallery Award of Excellence
Peter Brennan Pioneering Award


Selected Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

Surface Matters, Dublin Castle; Artesania Catalunya CCAM, Barcelona, Spain and National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny
Ceramic Art London, London, UK 
A Pot in the Hand, The Roundhouse Gallery, Derbyshire, UK 
Clay/Works, The Printworks, Dublin Castle, Dublin (and 2017) 
Sculpture in Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin 
Narratives in Making, National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny and Ruthin Craft Centre, Ruthin, Wales 
A vase is a vase is a vase, AD Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium 
Touchstone, Farmleigh Gallery and National Design & Craft Gallery, Kilkenny                                
10th Irish Ceramic Awards Exhibition, Mill Cove Galleries; Kerry & Cork  
RDS National Crafts Competition Exhibition, RDS, Dublin 
Ceramics Ireland Selected Exhibition, Rathfarnham Castle, Dublin 
Verve, Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford 
Vase: Function Reviewed, Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin
The Vase: Function Reviewed, National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny
Irish Contemporary Ceramics, The Barony Centre, West Kilbride, Scotland
Sculpture In Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin
International Symposium exhibition, Keramik Museum, Berlin, Germany
PORTFOLIO @ Solomon: Ceramics, Solomon Fine Art, Dublin
Ceramics Ireland Selected Exhibition, The Pearse Museum, Dublin
, RHA Gallery, Dublin
Centred, Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin
Colour Vision, Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford
Sculpture In Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin
Ceramics Ireland Selected Exhibition, The Pearse Museum, Dublin
Ceramics Ireland Selected Exhibition, Zozimus Gallery, Dublin
TransFORM, Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin


Gallery Representation

Bils & Rye, York, UK
Vanbrugh West Antiques, London, UK
SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
Millcove Galleries, Cork and Kerry
The Blue Egg Gallery, Wexford
The Quay Gallery, Westport, Mayo
Ardmore Gallery, Waterford

Contact Details:

Gráinne Watts
The Black Studio

T. +353 (0)87 9775335