Porcelain Bowl Reverse

Stained clay with Chinese tissue transfers


Porcelain Bowl

Stained clay with Chinese tissue transfers



Millcove Sculpture Garden, 45000mm



Black & white Volcanic Glaze



Black &s; white Volcanic Glaze


Jim Turner

Jim Turner makes ceramic sculptural vessels and forms assembled from paper clay, textured slabs and extruded sections. He sees ceramics as a unique form of personal expression, and his practice is driven primarily by an investigation into surface and form.

Turner’s current work includes the trophy and pod sculptures. Using paper clay sheets as canvasses, he applies slips and glazes with brushes in a painterly way. The sheets are then fired to 1300°C, subjected to chance in the process of firing, so that the extremely soft paper clay is transformed into a robust and enduring material. For Turner, this work represents an ongoing enquiry into the tension between permanence, transience and fragility. His work is influenced by his recent time at paper clay workshops in Australia and China, giving him an opportunity to explore the possibilities of scale and surface treatment in porcelain.

Turner’s work also includes bowls and other thrown forms. He decorates the surfaces with traditional Chinese tissue transfers, after which a simple celadon glaze is applied, complimenting the crispness of the white porcelain clay.

Turner established Rossmore Country Pottery in 1982, and is now based in West Cork.


Crafts Council of Ireland
Office of Public Works
Millcove Gallery Sculptural Garden
Department Foreign Affairs, Dublin
Private collections nationally and internationally

Selected Awards

2012 Irish Contemporary Ceramics Awards; Outstanding Achievement Award
2009 Crafts Council of Ireland Excellence in Making Award
2005 Ceramics Ireland Exhibition. Awarded First Prize

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2010 Solo Exhibition, Keane on Ceramics, Kinsale, Co. Cork
2009 Solo Exhibition, Hallward Gallery, Dublin
2007 Vulcan & the Icons, Dalkey Hertiage Centre, Dublin

Group Exhibitions and Fairs

2012 Irish Contemporary Ceramics, Millcove Gallery, Co. Cork
2011 West Cork Inspires, Europe House, London; Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin; Cork Museum; The West Cork Art Centre, Skibbereen, Co. Cork 
2010 Jingdezhen Residency Exhibition; Ceramics Ireland, Dublin, Sculpture in Context, National Botanic Gardens, Dublin
2009 Focus on Ceramics, Glucksman Gallery, Cork
2008 Ceramics Ireland International Festival Workshop Leaders Exhibition, Thomastown, Co. Kilkenny, MATERIALpoetry, The American Irish Historical Society, New York, USA, RDS National Crafts Competition, Dublin


Gallery Representation

Millcove Gallery, Co. Cork

Contact Details:

Jim Turner
Co Cork

E. potterywithjim@gmail.com