Marcus O’Mahony

Marcus O’Mahony produces functional stoneware and porcelain inspired by the Leach Hamada tradition; the school of pottery influenced by the partnership between ceramic artists Bernard Leech and Shoji Hamada. The potter’s wheel is the starting point for his work, but O’Mahony allows the encounters with heat, ash and chemistry to inform the development of his vessels, transformed through alterations on and off the wheel into balanced and expressive pieces.

O’Mahony works mainly in woodfired ceramics and salt glaze. In order to develop his practice in this highly specialised area, he recently built a large kiln capable of producing firings of three or four days long. Through this prolonged firing, a heat of 1300°c is generated. This moves the woodash around the kiln interior, producing the colour and textural surface effects associated with this type of work. These variations in surface complement and enhance O’Mahony’s carefully considered thrown and hand-built forms. In order to add to the drama of the firing he also applies slips and glazes, allowing the chemical process to deliver a unique result from the fire.

O’Mahony is based near Lismore in Co. Waterford.

Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2007 One-man show in Imagine Gallery, Suffolk, UK

Group Exhibitions and Fairs

2011 COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
2007 Tokoname pottery festival, Japan, Totally Tea-bowls 3, Oakwood Gallery, UK, Two- man show Harlequin Gallery, Greenwich, London
2006 In the Window, Showcase at Contemporary Ceramics, Marshall St. London UK, Earth and Fire, Rufford Craft Centre, Nottingham UK
2005 Oxford Ceramics Fair, Oxford UK, Not Just Pots, Irish Ceramics of 21st Century, National Museum of Ireland


Contact Details:

Marcus O'Mahony
Lismore, Co. Waterford

T. +353 58 56694