Version 2

La Dame Bleue

Description: To find a stone with such an aggressive and masculine shape and intense electric colour, it was my challenge to fuse that stone with a soft feminine beauty.
Year Made: 2018
Dimensions: (H) 2.5 (W) 2 (D) 3cm

Hugh Cummins - Upright Vessel in Madrona Burr and a Satinwood


Description: Modern architecture, details, windows, bridges: all meld together with this ring; the stone, a large tourmaline with unusually long facets takes centre stage.
Materials: Large central 14.37ct green tourmaline, cut by the late master goldsmith lapidary Erwin Springbrunn, with 48 white diamonds set under the centre stone & 14 diamonds in the panelled undercarriage. Set in 18kt yellow gold
Year Made: 2018
Dimensions: (H) 2.5 (W) 2 (D) 3cm

Version 2

Dante's Zircon

Description: I have always been consumed with a love for fashion and its technicalities.
Materials: 14.56ct rare orange beryl, cut by the late Erwin Springbrunn, with 344 coloured diamonds & sapphires set into an 18kt rose gold ring with honeycombed undercarriage
Year Made: 2018
Dimensions: (H) 2.5 (W) 2 (D) 3cm


Nigel O’Reilly

“I am driven by beauty; the beauty of the stone, the beauty of the landscape in
the West of Ireland that surrounds me, the rigorous beauty of what jewellery
can be. I find great satisfaction in the union between a piece of jewellery
and the woman who wears it. My work balances at a point of tension between
innovative technology and nature’s own creation. When you have gifted
something as rare as a gemstone it is your duty to realise its magnificence.
For me, the cut and colour of the stone is the starting point. I consider,
understand, and then advance the potential of the gemstone. Each piece is
unique, from the stone itself to my treatment of it in design and execution.

I have spent the past decade creating for some of the world’s most
luxurious jewellery houses. In 2009 I founded my studio in the West of
Ireland. I work only to technical perfection, using both innovative
technology & ancient tradition to ensure that every angle of every piece is
open to microscopic scrutiny. My raw materials are magnificent stones and
metals & with technical accuracy, I create each piece. My path with fine
jewellery leads me to develop personal creative relationships with clients;
some of the world’s most discerning jewellery collectors.”

Selected Awards

National finalist in Irelands Best Young Entrepreuner Awards, having won the county & regional finals.
‘Best Established Jeweller’ in the Royal Dublin Society Crafts Awards in Dublin.

Selected Exhibitions

Showcase the full exhibition in the American Irish Historical Society on Fifth Avenue, New York, as part of New York Jewellery Week
Launched my debut fine-jewellery collection which is currently on display in Ashford Castle, Cong, Co. Mayo.
Exhibited in the RDS Crafts Exhibition & won Best Established Jeweller
Exhibited in the RDS Crafts Exhibition.

Contact Details:

Nigel O'Reilly
Main Street, Castlebar, Co.Mayo, Ireland.

T. 0949004994