Liam Flynn

Inner Rimmed Vessel, 2007

Liam Flynn

NMIDF: 2008.8

Vessel by Liam Flynn for SOFA, Chicago November 2007. Flynn was born in Limerick and is self-taught, coming from a long history of woodworking. The process begins with a log and chainsaw, where he designs the piece according to the chainsaw and the grain of the log. Then it is turned on a lathe. The hollow process is slow as he works blind. Next stage he carves a double rim. The outer rim is carved in a different shape than the inner one, creating the illusion of one vessel inside the other. Red acrylic has been applied on the inner rim and a strip down the side, so not to interrupt the primordial line of the work.

Materials: Ebonised oak, acrylic

Year purchased: 2008

Location: Reconstructed Rooms: Four Centuries of Furnishings gallery

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