Maria Van Kesteren

Stained Elm Bowl, 2010

Maria Van Kesteren

DF: 2010.2

This bowl is wood turned and stained in silver. Born in 1933, Van Kesteren, from the Netherlands, emerged as one of the first prominent female woodturners in the Kilkenny design workshops. In the 1960s, while working at KDW she was instrumental in introducing woodturning as an art form to Ireland, influencing a new generation of Irish woodturners. She loves clean, logical forms and experiments with round, mathematical shapes: cylinders and flattened cones, using the circle as a building factor. Her simple forms and smooth surfaces contrast the material she shapes. The wood is secondary to the form, which is almost always a circle. The circle fascinates van Kesteren, because “the circle dares you, you can attack its perfect round form by creating another circle, you can confront it by confronting it with itself…the circle reveals itself in repeatedly new transformations.” This bowl was exhibited at the Rudolf Heltzel Gallery who held an exhibition of Van Kesteren’s work in August 2010. Of this body of work Van Kesteren says, “My work is a study of experimenting with mathematical round shapes, in open and closed contours, circles, cylinders and flattened cones…Hollows, holes and splits create autonomous spatial shapes. I have chosen the circle as binding factor. To me this is not a restriction. I love clean, logical forms.”

Materials: Elm, wood stain

Year purchased: 2010

Location: 21st Century Irish Craft

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