Fiona Snow

Star Pendant Light, 2013

Fiona Snow

DF: 2013.14

Designer Fiona Snow’s preferred medium is paper and the art of origami is constantly informing her work. This piece is a stellated dodecahedron – a star with 12 points. Each face of the star features a recurring wave cut-out. Initially designed as a standalone piece which was 1/5th the size of this light, named “fusion ignition” – a reference to the point at which a nuclear fusion reaction become self-sustaining – the moment at which a star is born. It seemed a natural progression to develop the design as a light. The lamp is made through a fusion of traditional hand techniques and cutting-edge technology. In this piece all of the angles and folds required were calculated by hand before being drawn digitally. The development of this piece occurred over the course of 18 months and reflected Snow’s passions; geometry, precision, colour and pattern.

Materials: Paper

Year purchased: 2013

© Copyright of the National Museum of Ireland
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