There’s no gate on memory lane, 2010

Pierce Healy


Intricately hand engraved brooch of oxidised sterling silver, the silver riveted to a backing of American walnut. The brooch is part of a larger body of work called ‘Memory Maps’.

“This brooch is part of a larger body of work called ‘Memory Maps’which started in 2010 with eight memory map brooches and has been evolving ever since.

The starting point for this work is my fascination with the inherent chaos and calm of the tides; both literally and methaphorically as in the tidal grind of city life. After exploring and documenting the tides and their extended effects I distilled my research into a graphic vocabulary of images and textures.

This evolving narrative manifested itself in the form of hand engraved picture diaries and memory map brooches. The slow and deliberate process of hand engraving lends another dimension to the work. As there are no shortcuts while engraving, time is spent slowly watching a story come to life.

When worn close to the body these stories take on a life of their own and travel out into the world engaging with a widely diverse audience. With this work I hope to invite the viewer to escape into another world for a moment in time.”

Materials: Silver, wood, steel

Dimensions: 84 x 65 x 6mm

Year purchased: 2017

Location: What’s in Store?




Photographer: Pierce Healy
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